This page is for all ideas and sketches that I like to try out and get some feedback before I continue working with them.
Some of them are put out on a forum for critisism and feedback.

Jazztest A short walking bass jazz test.

Work all day idea to a new reggaetune

"Miljövärdssång" A sketch to a song about evironmental recycling of garbage. Sadly it seems there's not enough incitement, so this song might not be done ever.

Can't get it right Another reggaetune.

Rock 'n' Roll Rock, a little harder this time, but maybe it sounds to borrowed?

"Till min kära" Another ballad to my darling Jenny :-)

"Till min kära (reggae)" Somehow I can't resist making reggaeversion of my songs :-)

"Till en förlorad vän" A song dedicated to the memory of a deseased friend. Sketch made with VSTi's only. The bass is played by the Broomstick bass demo.

"Till en förlorad vän" Same song as above, but with my Les Paul. I haven't used any amps or amp-plugins. I've just put it through the mixer. I think I'll have to learn how to get a nice guitarsound :-)