I've tried to do some songs i a reggae style. I'm learning step by step and I think I've improved a lot since my first tries.

"Höstsång till Jenny"My "Atumn song to Jenny" in one of my earliest reggae attempts.

You got moves One of the many reasons that I love Jenny!

So far 4 bar reggae A silly name on a song based on the very first save :-)

Reggae sketch A new sketch to a reggaetune.

Reggae sketch v2c Replaced the drums.

Trying Reggae v6a The second latest version of my early reggae attempts.

You got moves Instrumental version.

"Sommarplåga" Litterally means Summerpain, but it's about those catchy tunes you always hear on the radio, mostly during the summer. The song was made to a competition with summer song theme on the forum of the Swedish magazine "Studio". I've hoped it'll get a better response, but I didn't end up last anyway. The song is in Swedish but quite catchy I think.

A reggae for Christmas Just in time for Christmas, a song in a reggaestyle made becourse I like to have snow to Christmas, or else I might as well go where it's hotter - Jamaica perhaps :-)

"Höstsång till Jenny" A newer version and maybe a little more reggae.

"Inte värt nått utan dig" This song comes in two different versions. One in reggaestyle and could be heard here, the other one in rockstyle on the rockpage. The title "Ain't worth a thing (without you) refers to that I can have lots of money and things, but they're not worth anything if I don't have my darling Jenny.

So far 4 bar reggae A newer version with a little lower tempo and new bassline.

Trying Reggae The latest version of Trying Reggae.

You got moves This is also the latest version with song.