I was born 1960 in small town on the west coast of Sweden. I was about 12 when I started to take pianolessons, and since then I've been playing music to and fro.
  During the years I've picked some instruments like guitar, saxophone, bass, drums and mouthharp. Sadly I've never really managed to learn any instrument thoroughly.
  In the 80's I participated in several band ranging from new wave to blues. Most of those bands never got out of the rehersing room.
  Atari, C64 and Amiga entered the scene and I was succumbed into playing games, but of course there were trackers and Midibased noteeditors.
  In 95 I meet the love of my life - Jenny, and In 97 she gave birth to our son Jonathan. For me this was a perfect opportunity to practice singing without beeing ashamed :-) Jonathan have two elder siblings, Josefine age 14 and Johannes age 13. Shortly after Jonathans birth I've started to study, picking up at highschool level for adults. Changing diapers and studies took a loot of time so I put almost all playing on ice.
  When "Fame Factory" a counterpart to "Fame Academy" started, it also ignited my musical creativeness again.
  SB live was my first experience in computerized music. After reading some magazines I decided to step it up and boght a decicated soundcard and a six-channel mixer. Bundled with the soundcard was Cubasis VST 4 wich is the recording/sequencing program I use.
Since I'm between jobs all my studio gear is really low budget.